Lessons are very practical. My teaching style is 'hands on' and I demonstrate exactly the techniques and tricks you need to learn the instrument and we will play together as much as possible.

I love music. When I started out my main aim was to accompany myself as a singer and perform my favourite songs. I taught myself to play 'by ear' and also started writing my own songs, got myself into bands and developed over the years into a writer/producer and performer with thousands of gigs under my belt. I am telling you this because I've found that if you love music you can start from 'nowhere', with no formal training and knowledge and with determination can achieve the musical dream of being able to perform in public, for their pleasure and your own. You might also achieve some things that will astonish you. Natural talent is one thing, what you do with it is another.

In lessons you will receive individual and sympathetic one-to-one guitar tuition from someone who has not forgotten what is like to be a beginner. Music is a lifelong journey. I am still learning myself! You'll learn basic techniques, e.g. the right grip, where to put your fingers. how to tune, play scales and chords. I like to let you choose the direction regarding sort of music you play. I will also give you the essential theory you need, but I am more about hands on the instrument than reading books.

A word about reading music. Before recording equipment was invented the only way of recording your composition was to write it down. So notation and tablature came about. We don't really have to read music to be able to play it, we can play by ear and I will teach you how to do that. Developing listening skills and being able to translate what you hear into the right notes on your guitar are hugely important. When we write things down it will be tablature and or chord charts, usually with lyrics. Although you definitely can read notation and play guitar, reading 'tab' makes more sense for fretted instruments and was actually invented hundreds of years ago for lute players. Notation works best for keyboard players. I'll explain why in lessons.

About Me

With years of successful professional playing, recording contracts, record releases, TV appearances, sessions and over 2000 gigs under my belt, I have a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to draw upon as well as my own training and research. I have played guitar and sung for high profile European band The Rednex Experience and run my own music production company, often playing the whole of the instrumentation for a track myself. As a teacher with a successful career I am able to teach you far more than the mechanical basics of how to play. You will gain a real insight into how to get the best out of your instrument and work with me in developing your style, performing the songs you love.

For the ambitious and talented I have lots of positive, invaluable advice to help you be successful in your career.

I also have a B.Ed qualification; before teaching guitar I taught science for many years and have brought the best of those skills into my guitar teaching.


Email or Skype me at dukeashton @ aol.com, text or call me now on 07566 862704 to arrange your introductory lesson. I'm really looking forward to meeting you, so don't hesitate - message or call me now and take that first step towards fulfilling your musical potential!


How quickly will I be able to play songs?

We are all different of course but you should be able to play a simple song with about five hours of practice (over a week or more - not in one go). It probably won't sound perfect, but at least recognisable.

How often do I need to practise??

If you play fifteen minutes a week, expect it to take at least a year to get the very basics under your fingers. Practise fifteen minutes a day and you will notice that things are getting easier after only a week. Practise several hours a day and you will be a guitar god very quickly!

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